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The Norva 7.22.2006

God, I wish I was at this show. Just look at the set. Something from every album released at the time, plus a good portion of Easy Tiger, which was unreleased at the time, and a Whiskeytown tune.

1. Intro
2. Love Is Hell
3. Let It Ride
4. When the Stars Go Blue
5. What Sin Replaces Love
6. Please Do Not Let Me Go
7. A Kiss Before I Go
8. He's Gone
9. Games
10. Shakedown On 9th Street
11. Rip Off
12. The End
13. Blue Hotel
14. Magnolia Mountain
15. Mining Town (Whiskeytown)
16. I See Monsters
1. Banter/Tuning
2. Breakdown Into the Resolve
3. Two Hearts
4. Everybody Knows
5. Mockingbirdsing
6. This Is It
7. Note to Self: Don't Die
8. Wish You Were Here
9. Two
10. Dear Chicago
11. New York, New York
12. Beautiful Sorta
13. Anybody Wanna Take Me Home
14. Hard Way to Fall
1. Strawberry Wine

Stand-outs in my opinion are "Magnolia Mountain," "I See Monsters," "New York, New York," and "Anybody Wanna Take Me Home." "Magnolia" and "Anybody" just sound great live, I'd love to hear those more. "New York, New York" is full of jams, and the chorus is just funny. "I See Monsters" is so fucking raw and in your face. How does anyone get lucky enough to go to a show like this?


Chris said...

Ryan used to play shows like this all the time. The last couple of years, the setlists have gone back to being more static (as they were in the pre-Cold Roses era). The shows are more consistent now, but there's far less "holy shit, he's playing Mining Town!" type moments.

Mike said...

He's Gone is so good! Fuck theyre just as good as the dead even when theyre fuckin around...and listen to Cpopper's country twang (What's up virginia?)

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