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Ryan on Twitter

We knew he couldn't tear himself away from the interweb for too long. The Cardinal Cave might be a thing of the past, but it's official: Ryan is on Twitter. I found this out yesterday when I attempted to go to his site and it redirected me to "" The same thing happened to me when I attempted to go to Cardinology's website. Here's the link for all of you that are interested.

I'll put Mandy's on here, too, because Ryan hijacked it the other day and "tweeted" a bit (is that right? "Tweeted?"), and I found it pretty comical.

ALSO, I had the opportunity to see the Cardinals TWICE last week, night two of Nashville and the "farewell" at the Fox. So I will be updating you on those late on in the week. But damn, they were delicious. Enjoy the tweets for now!
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Ryan Adams performs in The Current studios

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Wedding Story


Mandy Moore's Simple Wedding Has Tears, Romance

Originally posted Thursday March 12, 2009 08:25 PM EDT

Forget the trappings of show business. All
Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams needed for the perfect wedding were a tiny old brick church, a pastor they just met, a pair of silver bands and each other.

"She was thrilled to be getting married. She was giddy but not in a childish way. She was obviously so happy," Pastor Steve Schulte, who married the couple this week at Whitefield Chapel at Bethesda Home for Boys on the outskirts of Savannah, Ga., tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The couple, who just got engaged last month, arranged for a last-minute ceremony, with one of their reps calling Schulte just the day before, saying a judge wasn't available and asking if the pastor could officiate. "I thought it was either somebody famous or somebody really bad," says Schulte, who agreed to the job, bringing along only a friend, wedding planner Chad Baker – and that was because they had another wedding event later in the day.

Casual Dress

A little after 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, a black town car pulled up to the church on the breathtakingly beautiful grounds with blooming azaleas, dogwood trees, giant old live oaks dripping with Spanish moss. Out stepped Moore and Adams and two other men.

The couple dressed down: Moore, 24, wore a cream-colored, lacy tea-length dress and flat sandals, and Adams, 34, had on tight skinny jeans, a T-shirt with sport coat and sneakers. Schulte greeted them, and even when he heard their names, he didn't know who they were.

Only Moore, Adams and Schulte went inside the brick chapel with stained-glass windows and about a dozen wooden pews and a center aisle. (Baker stayed out in Schulte's car.)

In the eight-minute ceremony, the couple held hands and faced each other as they exchanged silver rings purchased from a local jeweler. Tears welled in Moore's eyes and her voice quivered as she took Adams to be her husband.

The Couple Kiss

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," Schulte said, and the couple kissed. After the pastor congratulated them, he shook Adams's hand and hugged Moore.

As the couple walked out of the church, Adams turned and took Moore's face in both of his hands and gave her another kiss. They then walked to a little footbridge near the chapel where they hugged and kissed.

"It was so romantic. It was awesome," says Baker. "I just can't stress how happy they seemed."
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Perez Hilton

Pink Is The New Blog


Sources reveal exclusively to that Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams got married on Tuesday!

The pair had a small, simple ceremony in Savannah, Georgia.

Moore and Adams got engaged last month and dated on-and-off for about a year.

A friend of Mandy's tells us, "She's very very happy." And another source confirms that Adams is completely head-over-heels about her and a changed man.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Ryan Adams - Live at The Boardwalk - 2000-11-19

Solo acoustic set from our boy. What I would give to see Ryan in this setting. Thanks Tears of Gold project.

Ryan Adams
Sheffield the Boardwalk, UK
19. november 2000

01. To Be Young
02. Oh My Sweet Carolina
03. Chin Up, Cheer Up
04. Call Me on Your Way Back Home
05. Damn Sam (I Love a Woman that Rains)
06. Memories of You
07. -Improv - Kayak Song
08. Tell It To My Heart
09. My Winding Wheel
10. Don't Ask For The Water
11. What Sin Replaces Love
12. Just Like a Whore


13. Come Pick Me Up
14. Dancing With The Woman At The Bar
15. Like the Twilight

Download - Ryan Adams - Live at The Boardwalk - 2000-11-19
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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - The Missouri Theater - 2009-2-26

The show that we just recently attended. I have to say, they sound great. Sadly, it is plagued by chatter. Still awesome. Thanks tapers!

01 Intro
02 I See Monsters
03 Everybody Knows
04 Fix It
05 Let It Ride
06 Two
07 Peaceful Valley
08 Mockingbird
09 Cold Roses
10 Oh My Sweet Carolina
11 Band Intros
12 Wonderwall
13 Grand Island
14 Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)
15 When The Stars Go Blue
16 Freeway To The Canyon
17 Rescue Blues (Graboff on guitar)
18 Oh My God, Whatever, Etc
19 Goodnight Rose

Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - The Missouri Theater - 2009-2-26
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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Euro Tour 2008 Compilation

This is really fantastic. Thanks RAA. All files are in FLAC format, sorry, no MP3.

MFC - Euro Tour 2008 Compilation

Disc I

01. Cobwebs (#)
02. Everybody Knows (+)
03. Sink Ships ($)
04. Born Into A Light (&)
05. When The Stars Go Blue (&)
06. Fix It (*)
07. Natural Ghost (*)
08. Evergreen (#)
09. Goodnight Rose (#)
10. Wonderwall (@)
11. Come Pick Me Up (~)
12. The Sun Also Sets (*)
13. I Taught Myself How To Grow Old (+)
14. Off Broadway (@)

Disc II

01. Grand Island (Neal Casal) (!)
02. Go Easy (%)
03. Crossed Out Name (&)
04. Let It Ride (^)
05. Desire (^)
06. Cold Roses (+)
07. La Cienega Just Smiled (%)
08. Freeway To The canyon (Neal Casal) (%)
09. band introductions
10. The Rescue Blues (%)
11. Like Yesterday (*)
12. Stop (~)
13. Two (!)
14. Easy Plateau / Witches Destroy Hospitol (!)

Disc III

01. The Gargle Song (improv) (~)
02. Please Do Not Let Me Go (+)
03. Why Do They Leave? ($)
04. How Do You Keep Love Alive? (!)
05. Peaceful Valley (!)
06. The End (^)
07. Games (^)
08. banter and bass solo
09. Magnolia Mountain (&)
10. Meadowlake Street (&)
11. Mockingbird (@)
12. Dear John (@)
13. A Kiss Before I Go (^)
14. Shakedown On 9th Street (~)
15. I See Monsters (*)

bonus track:
16. Times Like These (Foo Fighters) (BBC Studios, London, England 8th November 2008)

* = Ambassador Theatre, Dublin, Ireland 8th November 2008
$ = The Academy, Manchester, England 10th November 2008
! = The Academy, Newcastle, England 11th November 2008
^ = The Academy, Leeds, England 13th November 2008
& = The Picture House, Edinburgh, Scotland 14th November 2008
+ = Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England 16th November 2008
@ = The Academy, Birmingham, England 17th November 2008
# = The Dome, Brighton, England 19th November 2008
% = Brixton Academy, London, England 20th November 2008
~ = Guildhall, Southampton, England 22nd November 2008

Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Euro Tour 2008 Compilation 1-1
Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Euro Tour 2008 Compilation 1-2

Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Euro Tour 2008 Compilation 2-1
Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Euro Tour 2008 Compilation 2-2

Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Euro Tour 2008 Compilation 3-1
Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Euro Tour 2008 Compilation 3-2
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Alright, sorry for the delay, here goes:

We got into Columbia around 5 PM, doors opened at 7:30, show started at 8:30. We hung out at a few bars getting ready for the show. We got to the theater and all they served was beer and wine and no drinks were allowed in the seating area, so that was a bummer, but, we did get signed copies (softback) of Infinity Blues for $30 so that's cool. We had awesome seats, 2nd row right of center (Neal's side). The show opened with I See Monsters, they sounded great and I really did think it was going to be an amazing night. Well after about 4 tunes Ryan started talking way too much and the crowd was starting to get really annoying. Some asshole kept yelling out "Damn Sam" and people were yelling out a bunch of other Heartbreaker requests. After a long time of that frat boy douche bag yelling out DS I yelled "Let him play what he wants, shut the fuck up!" and then I leaned to my buddy Matt and said "If I Ryan plays DS, I'll look like an ass." Well, sure enough, The Cards improved Damn Sam, it was pretty good actually, and totally unexpected, since when does the diva that is Ryan Adams take requests? Afte he played it someone else yelled a HB request and he said to the crowd "No really, it was a miracle that happened." But that was the gist of the 17 song night, very disappointing. I guess they only played 16 songs at the Uptown in Kansas City, MO the following night, ridiculous. It was not all bad though, they sounded good for the most part, they just didn't play much and talked way too much. Peaceful Valley was pretty unique and watching Ryan throughout that song was a treat man, he was kind of staying back in this crouched position and he was fucking jamming man, it was awesome to see. Ryan is really becoming an amazingly solid guitar player and his tone and style are sick. And while he was talking too much, most of what he said was very funny, he seems to have a genuine sense of humor. After the show, stinging a bit from a short set list and no encore, we found a bar that was $10 all you can drink, which seemed like an appropriate way to end our time in Columbia.

I really can't wait for the show to surface, I spoke to 2 tapers at the show and they said they were going to get it up, hopefully soon. Those guys rule.

On at 8:42 CST

1. I See Monsters
2. Everybody Knows
3. Fix It
4. Let It Ride
5. Two
6. Peaceful Valley
7. Mockingbird
8. Cold Roses
9. Sweet Carolina
10. Wonderwall
11. Grand Island
12. Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)
13. Stars Go Blue
14. Freeway To The Canyon
15. Rescue Blues (Graboff on guitar)
16. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
17. Goodnight Rose

Off stage at 10:31 CST
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