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Ryan Adams - Rock N Roll B-Sides

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Ryan Adams Tomorrow starts the first day of two weeks of recording a new solo album. The songs are based around my acoustic with some stark drums/bass/piano in there. anI'm keeping these recordings simple......THEN in two weeks I am off to NYC to record part two of the crazy NYC sessions I started last month by accident. What started as a weekend studio hang with Johnny and Tom Schick turned into some kind of Smiths/Simple Minds/Love Is Hell throw-back and just way too much fun to not finish. So two coasts, two sessions happening. The new daze are here... fingers crossed these things turn out! I'll check in again from the studio this week. Meanwhile enjoy a few more photo's from the last studio sessions. DRA

02 Closer When She Goes
03 Don't Even Know Her Name
04 Luxury
05 I'm Coming Over
06 Ah, Life
07 Funeral Marching
08 Hypnotixed

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Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker Demo's

Kyle, you are the man!

1 In My Time of Need
2 Bar Lights
3 Win
4 All I Wanted
5 Out of Time
6 Sit & Listen to the Rain
7 Night Lights
8 Probably Gonna Happen
9 West NY Serenade
10 Lil’ Girls
11 In the World
12 Medicine
13 Dial Tone
14 Don’t Wanna Know Why
15 Easy Hearts

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