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The Bijou Theatre 7.25.2006

Hello fellow Halloweenheads. It's only appropriate for my first post on this Ryan Adams shrine to be the first Cardinals (or Ryan Adams) concert I ever attended. The good ol' Bijou Theatre. What a place. About an 800 seat venue, Ryan went on stage late and left pissed off. But  in between, he put on one killer fucking show.


1. Trains
2. Please Do Not Let Me Go
3. The End
4. A Kiss Before I Go
5. Blue Hotel
6. Silver Bullets
7. Let It Ride
8. Shakedown On 9th Street
9. Franklin's Tower
10. Don't Get Sentimental On Me
11. Rip Off
12. Lost Satellite
13. Games
14. Peaceful Valley
15. What Sin Replaces Love
16. A Song for You
17. He's Gone

Standout's are "The End" (more specifically the mid-song rant about Batman and libraries during the second verse), "Blue Hotel," and "What Sin." Personally, I just enjoy this version of "Blue Hotel" ten times more than on the recorded version, but music is always ten times better live. And "What Sin" is just so fucking raw and intense. And how often do you get to see him cover the Dead AND Gram Parsons in one show? But overall, the entire show kicked ass. He has a good "fuck Lost Highway" moment at the end, and little Ms. Popper awkwardly apologized (I miss her a lot). Anyways, through all the outbursts and awkward moments, I feel very fortunate to have attended this show. I got to see a very rare form of the Cardinals.


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