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Off to Columbia!

Matt (contributor), Tim(contributor) and myself (Jason) are all headed to Columbia, MO tomorrow night for The Cards show. Full review and pictures maybe Friday, probably Monday.
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Ryan & Mandy Engaged?

Do you think its true? The Cardinal Cave says so...


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Live at The Forum - Melbourne, Australia - 2009-01-31

Sorry for the lack of posts lately guys. Once things slow down for myself (next few weeks) I will have more time to devote to the blog.

Ryan's voice sounds great and this Peaceful Valley is rockin. The show got cut short, here is a little recap/explanation:

Man that was frustrating. I was really getting into the show and then it all ended so unexpectedly 77 mins into it. Just last night I was bagging out Noel Gallagher, who I'd seen at the same venue a couple of years ago, because his gig was more than $1/minute (he played about a 65 min set for $75). Well tonight's show came damn close to repeating that feat.

The crowd was fine. Not sold-out, but still pretty packed. Someone yelled out a request to turn up the slide guitar, which Ryan mocked him about, but sound-wise the mix sounded awesome - much better than the previous night (which was still very good).

As reidca mentioned the only 'obvious' indication that there was a problem was Ryan pointing at his IEM and gesticulating and then shaking his head in obvious frustration - this happened a couple of times. Then he said something along the lines of 'some nights feel like the bad news bears, others like the worse news bears...tonight feels like the no news bears'...then they played maybe one more song and bid everyone good night
On 9.05pm

01. Intro [01:56]
02. When the Stars Go Blue [04:26]
03. A Kiss Before I Go [02:52]
04. Peaceful Valley [07:00]
05. Two [02:37]
06. Fix It [04:39]
07. Wonderwall^ [08:03]
08. Off Broadway [06:01]
09. Let It Ride [04:27]
10. Freeway to the Canyon * [06:04]
11. Games [03:23]
12. Shakedown on 9th Street [03:00]
13. Goodnight Rose [06:59]
14. Dear John [07:09]
15. The Sun Also Sets [05:51]
16. The Rescue Blues [04:39]

Off 10.30pm

Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Live at The Forum - Melbourne, Australia - 2009-01-31
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