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Chris "Space Wolf" Feinstein Passes Away


Cardinals bassist Chris Feinstein has passed away at his Manhattan home. He was 42.

Feinstein, endearingly known by the awesome nickname of Spacewolf by bandmates and fans alike, recorded and toured as a member of Ryan Adams & the Cardinals for their last two full-length albums, Easy Tiger and Cardinology. His discography also includes numerous songwriting credits for Santigold’s then-eponymous album Santogold, and bass performance on Albert Hammond, Jr.’s song “Scared” from his solo album, Yours to Keep.

Most recently, Feinstein and fellow Cardinals Jon Graboff, Brad Pemberton, and Neal Casal recorded and performed with New Zealand-born singer/songwriter Gin Wigmore.

All three surviving Cardinals members have posted reactions to this sad news online, including a series of photographs on guitarist Neal Casal’s blog and drummer Brad Pemberton’s Facebook message: “This is the saddest day of my life. I lost my best friend today…things will never be quite the same.” Matthew Ryan a friend and former collaborator with Feinstein also posted a tribute on YouTube earlier today.

Though Feinstein’s family recently confirmed the story, as well, there are few details about his untimely death available at the moment. If/when important info comes to light, we will update this post accordingly.

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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Town Hall - New York City - 2006-12-4-5-6

Nice trio of shows from Ryan Adams & The Cardinals. My buddy sent me a low quality YouTube video of "Harder Now That It's Over" from the 12-5 show and Ryan played such a sweet solo on that track (around 3 minutes in) I had to see if possibly there were some soundboard copies of this show. While I haven't come across a soundboard yet, there are some great audience recordings. The quality is legit, just needs to be turned up a bit here and there. And yes, that is Norah Jones on the cover. She did "Dear John" with Ryan night dos.

Thank you
muzikspy for the photo, snagged it from flicker.

Thank you tapers! You guys are amazing.

Disc 1:
1. Magnolia Mountain
2. Please Do Not Let Me Go
3. Dear Chicago
4. Peaceful Valley
5. Mockingbird
6. Tears Of Gold
7. Nightbirds
8. Cold Roses
9. New York, New York
10. Arkham Asylum
11. break banter

Disc 2:
1. Kiss Before I Go
2. Let It Ride (false start)
3. Let It Ride
4. Bartering Lines
5. To Be Young
6. Blue Hotel
7. Beautiful Sorta
8. The End
9. Expressway to Yr Skull
10. Wharf Rat
11. Shakedown on 9th Street
12. I See Monsters

Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Town Hall - New York City - 2006-12-4

Disc 1:
1. What Sin Replaces Love
2. Nobody Girl
3. Harder Now That Its Over
4. September
5. Meadowlake Street
6. Freeway to the Canyon
7. Trouble on Wheels

-set break-

Disc 2:
1. Easy Plateau
2. Firecracker
3. G'night Rose
4. Trains
5. Cherry Lane
6. "Dr Who" banter
7. Dear John (w/ Norah Jones)
8. Stella Blue

Download - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Town Hall - New York City - 2006-12-5

1. Come Pick Me Up
2. When The Stars Go Blue
3. Oh My Sweet Carolina
4. Love Is Hell
5. This Is It
6. Afraid Not Scared
7. talk with Santa
8. La Cienga Just Smiled
9. introduction to second set
10. Hallelujah
11. Judy Garland
12. Wish You Were Here
13. Blue Sky Blues
14. Games
15. My Winding Wheel
16. Willow Jane
17. 29
18. The Rescue Blues

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Town Hall - New York City - 2006-12-6
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Ryan Adams - The Variety Playhouse - 2001-09-28

I've been a sucker for 2001-ish solo acoustic Ryan Adams lately and while this show isn't totally acoustic it is a fine example of Gold era live Ryan Adams. I'm aching for a proper release (I know I say this all the time) from Ryan Adams (in any form) and would slaughter puppies for a tour.

Disc One

01 Candy Doll
02 Firecracker
03 Answering Bell
04 Someday, Somehow
05 Nobody Girl
06 Lovesick Blues
07 Chat
08 Touch, Feel & Lose
09 To Be Young
10 La Cienega Just Smiled (Take 1)
11 La Cienega Just Smiled (Take 2)
12 The Rescue Blues
13 Oh My Sweet Carolina
14 Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues

Disc Two

01 Nervous Breakdown
02 New York, New York
03 Friendly Fire (solo acoustic)
04 My Winding Wheel (solo acoustic)
05 Don't Ask For The Water (solo acoustic)
06 Damn, Sam (solo acoustic)
07 Call Me On Your Way Back Home (solo acoustic)
08 Chat
09 Come Pick Me Up
10 Mega-Superior Gold
11 I Don't Wanna Work
12 Waiting For A Sign
13 Tennessee Sucks
14 Desire
15 New York, New York (Late Show with David Letterman)

Download - Ryan Adams - The Variety Playhouse - 2001-09-28
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