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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - 2008-11-08 - The Ambassador Theatre - Dublin

One of my favorite Ryan Adams shows in existence. The last few days have been very heavy on the Ryan Adams listening. First Ryan Adams home page went down and then came back up as a redirect to Adams label, Pax Am Records and information on the upcoming Cardinals III/IV, a record he and the Cardinals recorded in 2007. Then we got some rehearsal footage of what I hope is "The Ryan Adams Band" playing "Oh My Sweet Carolina" at the Judd Apatow hosted "I Found This Funny" concert benefiting 826LA. And then I discovered the rehearsal jams on the new website yesterday (I have no idea how I missed the previous Friday), further catapulting my desire for some classic Cards' tunes. The following is an excerpt from PaxAmRecords.com:

"Hey there Music Fans, Bongo the Snowman here.... GOOD MORNING!"

These downloads are some tracks recorded on the set-up day of the III/IV / Easy Tiger sessions. The band is caught here going though some riffs and just outright jamming with some room mic's on.

A few of these became songs on III/IV and there is even a riff that was once a song called "Closure" that blew and eventually became "You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Ghost)" which is a worldwide smash for Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, and is the theme song for the Sub-National Natural Grass Level Football Association, the world renowned English Football team that lives in a cloud pattern in the sky in Ryan's "day-time mind". There is a tree growing through it.

To the best of anyones memory, the personnel on these jam sessions is Ryan & Neal on guitar, Brad on drums, and Jon "The Slyder" Graboff on bass (yes, he even kick ass on bass!)...

Enjoy this snapshot of the first day of III/IV.

Your pal,
Bongo the Snowman.

The new jams are posted below, download them and enjoy. And for a lengthier set from Mr. DRA rock the hell out of this show from Ireland. I first got it over a year ago, lost it completely and then thought about it this morning for some reason. I had to get it again! The sound is top notch on this one guys, happy listening.

01. intro
02. Cobwebs
03. Everybody Knows
04. Born Into a Light
05. Please Do Not Let Me Go
06. Fix It
07. Natural Ghost
08. Goodnight Rose
09. Off Broadway
10. Wonderwall (Oasis)
11. I Taught Myself How To Grow Old
12. The Sun Also Sets
13. Come Pick Me Up
14. Grand Island (Neal Casal)
15. Go Easy
16. Sink Ships
17. Crossed Out Name
18. Stars Go Blue
19. band introductions
20. Let it Ride
21. Desire
22. Evergreen
23. Cold Roses
24. encore break
25. Freeway to the Canyon (Neal Casal)
26. Like Yesterday
27. La Cienega Just Smiled
28. Stop
29. Two
30. I See Monsters


Anonymous said...

Amazing -- thanks for posting!

Chad said...

Here are the flac files if you want'em!


Eddie said...

Was at this gig. Cheers for the download, sound quality is amazing. Thanks for the others downloads too.

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