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Whiskeytown - Acoustic Radio Sessions

Kyle V., you are a God amongst men! Thanks for hooking me up with so much incredible music.

[KCRW 1996:]

01 Houses On The Hill
02 Nurse With The Pills
03 Think About Me
04 Somebody Remembers The Rose
05 Inn Town
06 Turnaround

[World Cafe 1996:]

07 16 Days
08 Somebody Remembers The Rose
09 Too Drunk To Dream
10 Excuse Me If I Break My Own Heart Tonight
11 Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)

[Mountain Stage 1998:]

12 Easy Hearts
13 16 Days
14 Houses On The Hill
15 Inn Town
16 Too Drunk To Dream

Download -  Whiskeytown - Acoustic Radio Sessions


tommy nick said...

these are some great sessions. your download link wasn't working, but i've heard these before. great blog! i check it a couple times a week.

Anonymous said...

ARGH!!! This link is dead!
Thanks for the great music!

tommy nick said...

i believe the dates are incorrect for these sessions. KCRW is 09.10.97. World Cafe is 08.15.97. Mountain Stage is 03.01.98. source: http://www.answeringbell.com/

Anonymous said...

good mix, crappy download site

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