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Ryan Adams Launches Pax-Am Label

From twentyfourbit.com:

Ryan Adams’ “step back” from music is officially over, the question mark from our previous story can be removed, and the Radiohead/Trent Reznor/Jack White post major label club has a new member. Adams’ first official Pax-Am digital release, “Lost and Found”/”Go Ahead and Rain,” is now available on Ryanada.ms for $1.49 as a digital download pre-order for this Friday (9/11).

Sure, an MP3 release doesn’t confirm our “Ryan Adams to Relaunch Vinyl Label?” post, but a video of the production for an upcoming Adams vinyl release pretty much does the trick. Meanwhile, Adams also posted a video of a third brand new track earlier this week.

Is it just me or are we starting to settle in to this whole self-released music revolution?

Can't wait for Friday!


Joe said...

I am also excited for Friday!

Did you happen to nag the track "Happy Birthday" while it was up on his site?

Brian Scott Matthew said...

Would you happen to have an MP3 of "Happy Birthday"? The vimeo video is long been dead and I never got to hear it.

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