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Ryan on Twitter

We knew he couldn't tear himself away from the interweb for too long. The Cardinal Cave might be a thing of the past, but it's official: Ryan is on Twitter. I found this out yesterday when I attempted to go to his site and it redirected me to "ryanada.ms." The same thing happened to me when I attempted to go to Cardinology's website. Here's the link for all of you that are interested.


I'll put Mandy's on here, too, because Ryan hijacked it the other day and "tweeted" a bit (is that right? "Tweeted?"), and I found it pretty comical. 


ALSO, I had the opportunity to see the Cardinals TWICE last week, night two of Nashville and the "farewell" at the Fox. So I will be updating you on those late on in the week. But damn, they were delicious. Enjoy the tweets for now!


Erik said...

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