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Ryan Adams & Neal Casal - The Black Cab Sessions

Nice version of Sink Ships from the back of a cab that apparently only drove in a straight line because Ryan gets car sick.

From Black Cab Sessions:

It's amazing that a London cabbie had to travel all the way to Nashville, Tennessee to hear about us. But that's what happened with Jason Brown, our cabbie for this Session. A keen music fan, he went over there for an event and heard a talk from BBC2 radio DJ Bob Harris who apparently mentioned what we're up to. Jason loved the idea, and on his return looked us up and offered his services for a Session. What is more, he just so happened to be a pretty big Ryan Adams fan. Perfect. There was a slight concern at the start of the Session though: Ryan gets car sick. Ryan's manager warned us of this and asked that, as much as possible, we drive in a straight line. It's definitely one of the stranger requests that Jason's ever had, but he did his best while in the back Ryan manfully rose above the nausea to sing his heart out. Hope you enjoy it - Jason certainly did.

Download - Ryan Adams & Neil Casal - The Black Cab Sessions - Audio

Download - Ryan Adams & Neil Casal - The Black Cab Sessions - Video


Sue said...

Thanks for the audio of this. I've been trying to collect the audio of all these terrific little radio-blog-etc sessions cause I love how the songs from the album sound done acoustically. Great site.

Deanokat said...

Minor correction. It's Neal Casal...not Neil.

Jason said...

Yeah that is my bad, I am well aware of the spelling, I think I was listening to Neil Young when I posted that!

Deanokat said...

No worries, man. Thanks for posting the audio and video. Great performance!

P.S. Love this blog.

Indie Sessions said...

its all over for awhile!!!!!!!!!
check out my blog http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/

Jonny said...

Oh no, audio and video have both gone! Please email me a link if either ever comes back, thank you so much. I'm from London and I really love this crazy black cab idea. Maybe a red telephone box next.


Anonymous said...

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