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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - III/IV Live

Awesome compilation of the available live songs from Ryan Adams & The Cardinals forthcoming III/IV, due out next week on the 14th. I'd like to thank darkrendar for putting this together.

Let me clear a couple of things up: 1) "Cemetery Hill" will be an iTunes bonus track, it is NOT on III/IV. 2) Another version of "Typecast" finishes the compilation off instead of "Kill The Lights," the actual last track on the record. darkrendar thought this fit well and I agree.

Alright!, there were others involved and there is lots of detail so I'll let the man himself explain:

"A compilation of live & soundcheck recordings of songs from the upcoming album III/IV. Most of these are Bedhead 6 sourced. Thanks a lot to John Carlin and Joel Swaney for taping, mastering & sharing these beautifull tunes. All tracks are soundboard sourced. Track 12 is not on III/IV, but is another unreleased song from Bedhead 6 Disc 5 I found very fitting and named from what might be the chorus. Edits made with Audacity.


01. Breakdown Into The Resolve*
02. Wasteland
03. Ultraviolet Light
04. Happy Birthday
05. Kisses Start Wars
06. No
07. Gracie
08. Typecast**
09. Star Wars
10. Kill the Lights
11. Cemetery Hill
12. Let There Be A Light
13. Typecast***

*   2006-07-22 The Norva, Norfolk, VA / taped & transferred by Craig Davis
**  2006-10-22 Olympia, Dublin, Ireland / taped & transferred by John Carlin & Joel Swaney
*** 2006-10-15 Kesselhaus Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany / taped & transferred by Vortex

all other tracks recorded on soundcheck / taped & transferred by John Carlin & Joel Swaney

2006-09-24 Rock City, Nottingham, UK - Track 3, 4 & 7 
2006-09-28 Manchester Academy, Manchester, UK - Track 6
2006-10-11 Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway - Track 4, 5, 9 & 11

Thanks to jrb_27 for sharing the track titles for Bedhead 6 Disc 5. Thanks to Craig Davis & Vortex for taping & sharing. Also thanks to gspinn for the idea.

Most of all thanks to Ryan Adams for releasing new material and allowing the taping & sharing!



There you have it! Enjoy guys, check out "Wasteland" below:"

Who CANNOT WAIT for III/IV to drop next week!?!?!

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DOWNLOAD-Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Unreleased Tracks

Hot off the press. Unreleased tracks sent via email by Pax Am. "Darkness" and "The Blue Canoe" do not appear on the upcoming III/IV but I certainly wouldn't mind if we got a few songs like this odd couple. "Darkness" sounds like something he could have recorded with The Pinkhearts (as of now I'm particularly fond of this tune) and "The Blue Canoe" is a Ramones type quick punk song that sort of drones you in and by the end it's hard to tell if that's even Ryan singing. Listen to them below, download them via SoundCloud or check out the new "Multiload" uploading service I'm testing out. I upload it to one place, it uploads it to 7 places. Some variety, let me know how it goes.

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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - 2008-11-08 - The Ambassador Theatre - Dublin

One of my favorite Ryan Adams shows in existence. The last few days have been very heavy on the Ryan Adams listening. First Ryan Adams home page went down and then came back up as a redirect to Adams label, Pax Am Records and information on the upcoming Cardinals III/IV, a record he and the Cardinals recorded in 2007. Then we got some rehearsal footage of what I hope is "The Ryan Adams Band" playing "Oh My Sweet Carolina" at the Judd Apatow hosted "I Found This Funny" concert benefiting 826LA. And then I discovered the rehearsal jams on the new website yesterday (I have no idea how I missed the previous Friday), further catapulting my desire for some classic Cards' tunes. The following is an excerpt from

"Hey there Music Fans, Bongo the Snowman here.... GOOD MORNING!"

These downloads are some tracks recorded on the set-up day of the III/IV / Easy Tiger sessions. The band is caught here going though some riffs and just outright jamming with some room mic's on.

A few of these became songs on III/IV and there is even a riff that was once a song called "Closure" that blew and eventually became "You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Ghost)" which is a worldwide smash for Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, and is the theme song for the Sub-National Natural Grass Level Football Association, the world renowned English Football team that lives in a cloud pattern in the sky in Ryan's "day-time mind". There is a tree growing through it.

To the best of anyones memory, the personnel on these jam sessions is Ryan & Neal on guitar, Brad on drums, and Jon "The Slyder" Graboff on bass (yes, he even kick ass on bass!)...

Enjoy this snapshot of the first day of III/IV.

Your pal,
Bongo the Snowman.

The new jams are posted below, download them and enjoy. And for a lengthier set from Mr. DRA rock the hell out of this show from Ireland. I first got it over a year ago, lost it completely and then thought about it this morning for some reason. I had to get it again! The sound is top notch on this one guys, happy listening.

01. intro
02. Cobwebs
03. Everybody Knows
04. Born Into a Light
05. Please Do Not Let Me Go
06. Fix It
07. Natural Ghost
08. Goodnight Rose
09. Off Broadway
10. Wonderwall (Oasis)
11. I Taught Myself How To Grow Old
12. The Sun Also Sets
13. Come Pick Me Up
14. Grand Island (Neal Casal)
15. Go Easy
16. Sink Ships
17. Crossed Out Name
18. Stars Go Blue
19. band introductions
20. Let it Ride
21. Desire
22. Evergreen
23. Cold Roses
24. encore break
25. Freeway to the Canyon (Neal Casal)
26. Like Yesterday
27. La Cienega Just Smiled
28. Stop
29. Two
30. I See Monsters
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Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - 2008-10-05 - Overture Hall - Madison, WI

Ryan, after the taste we received earlier in the week I've come to realize that I need you in my life again. Please come back soon.



01. Cobwebs
02. Sink Ships
03. Everybody Knows
04. Wonderwall (Oasis)
05. Come Pick Me Up
06. Fix It
07. Goodnight Rose
08. Peaceful Valley
09. Like Yesterday
10. La Cienega Just Smiled
11. Let it Ride
12. Desire
13. Sun Also Sets
14. Rescue Blues
15. Oh My God Whatever, Etc
16. Crossed Out Name
17. Why Do They Leave
18. Mockingbird
19. Off Broadway
20. Magnolia Mountain
21. Shakedown on 9th Street
22. Go Easy
23. Easy Plateau
24. Two
25. What Sin >
26. Please Do Not Let Me Go
27. Dear Chicago
28. Freeway to the Canyon (Neal Casal)
29. A Kiss Before I Go
30. Stars Go Blue

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Ryan Adams & Mandy Moore - Oh My Sweet Carolina - Rehearsal Take

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BREAKING - Ryan Adams Documentary by Danny Clinch in the Works

My friend Tim and I were just discussing how the painfully short "September" documentary just wasn't enough. Happy day!

Ryan Adams Facebook:

Ryan Adams 
a note from Danny Clinch:
"For those of you who, like myself, are fans of Ryan Adams and music in general you may be interested to know that I am currently well into a rough cut of a feature length documentary on the roughly one year of time I spent w/ Ryan and the Cardinals. Ryan can pack alot into a year (or a day, or a minute) and he did just that. Making three great albums , 29 , Cold Roses , and Jacksonville City Nights , oh and producing a Willie Nelson record (Song Bird) , meeting and touring w/ Phil Lesh , ( I can't believe I missed the metal record he made one night - I think I needed the sleep) , not to mention his paintings. To be honest , Ryan is pretty interesting and to get a good look into his creativity and madness is gonna be a treat, trust me.
We are looking for for any video you might have of Ryans fall in liverpool or any live performance of "29". Please message me on our facebook page or email thanks in advance for you support. "
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Ryan Adams - Rock N Roll B-Sides

via Facebook:

Ryan Adams Tomorrow starts the first day of two weeks of recording a new solo album. The songs are based around my acoustic with some stark drums/bass/piano in there. anI'm keeping these recordings simple......THEN in two weeks I am off to NYC to record part two of the crazy NYC sessions I started last month by accident. What started as a weekend studio hang with Johnny and Tom Schick turned into some kind of Smiths/Simple Minds/Love Is Hell throw-back and just way too much fun to not finish. So two coasts, two sessions happening. The new daze are here... fingers crossed these things turn out! I'll check in again from the studio this week. Meanwhile enjoy a few more photo's from the last studio sessions. DRA

02 Closer When She Goes
03 Don't Even Know Her Name
04 Luxury
05 I'm Coming Over
06 Ah, Life
07 Funeral Marching
08 Hypnotixed

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Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker Demo's

Kyle, you are the man!

1 In My Time of Need
2 Bar Lights
3 Win
4 All I Wanted
5 Out of Time
6 Sit & Listen to the Rain
7 Night Lights
8 Probably Gonna Happen
9 West NY Serenade
10 Lil’ Girls
11 In the World
12 Medicine
13 Dial Tone
14 Don’t Wanna Know Why
15 Easy Hearts

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Weezer and Ryan Adams Team Up

I'm not much for Weezer but I love me some Ryan Adams. Apparently Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo told MTV "I just wrote a song with Ryan Adams. Not Bryan, Ryan. It's a very stirring and emotional and powerful Weezer song. He was really inspiring to work with. ... He has a lot of wild and crazy energy. It's gonna be on the Weezer record. He plays lead guitar on it, but it will be on the Weezer record, for sure."

Hopefully we get some nasty guitar work from Mr. David Ryan Adams on this.

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Ryan Adams - Black Clouds

How I miss this man. For those of you that haven't heard, Mr. David Ryan Adams wrote 11 new songs after attending Ronnie Dio's funeral and in his Facebook post he mentioned that he is "excited again." What does that mean for us? No idea really, it's kind of a tease actually. He knows there are a lot of fans out there waiting for him to release something, give us some sort of actual news or a snippet of actual Ryan Adams music (NOT Orion), so telling us he has some new songs and not giving us a taste hurts a little. I mean, I get it, this is just a rant from a frustrated fan.

Anyways, enjoy Black Clouds, it's a compilation of various sessions and live shows. There is a lot of excellent music on this compilation guys. You have to love the original mix of the song "Rock N' Roll" and we also get the only live version of "English Girls Approximately."

This is another treasure from Kyle V., thanks again man, you are a true gentleman.

  1. Rock N' Roll (original mix; New Orleans)
  2. Black Clouds (unreleased; New Orleans)
  3. The Drug's Not Working (original mix; New Orleans)
  4. I See Monsters (different mix; New Orleans)
  5. Anybody Wanna Take Me Home? (NY mix)
  6. When The Music Don't Come (NY mix)
  7. Love Is Hell (NY mix)
  8. City Rain, City Streets (NY mix)
  9. Hard Way To Fall (live 12/01/02)
  10. Learn How To Say Goodbye (live 12/10/02)
  11. Jim (live 11/06/02)
  12. This House Is Not For Sale (live 12/04/03)
  13. English Girls Approximately (live 10/15/02)

Download -  Ryan Adams - Black Clouds
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Whiskeytown - Acoustic Radio Sessions

Kyle V., you are a God amongst men! Thanks for hooking me up with so much incredible music.

[KCRW 1996:]

01 Houses On The Hill
02 Nurse With The Pills
03 Think About Me
04 Somebody Remembers The Rose
05 Inn Town
06 Turnaround

[World Cafe 1996:]

07 16 Days
08 Somebody Remembers The Rose
09 Too Drunk To Dream
10 Excuse Me If I Break My Own Heart Tonight
11 Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)

[Mountain Stage 1998:]

12 Easy Hearts
13 16 Days
14 Houses On The Hill
15 Inn Town
16 Too Drunk To Dream

Download -  Whiskeytown - Acoustic Radio Sessions
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Whiskeytown - The Complete F*cker Demo's

This is the complete F*cker Demo's. There are parts two parts floating around, here it is consolidated.
Tracks 2-6 - The Bug Sessions, possibly recorded during 1998 or 1999.
Tracks 7-12 - Sessions recorded in Hoboken, New Jersey, possibly during 1998 or 1999.
Tracks 13-16 -Heartbreaker sessions.
Tracks 1-12 have previous circulated as the Fucker Demos; the last four tracks were found on an alternate release of this boot (Fucker Version 2). Hence the Complete Fucker.

Breakdown found here.

It's comforting just hearing this mans voice. When will he come out of hiding (and not for a metal/screaming country record!)? Until Orion drops enjoy this minor throwback to his Whiskeytown days.
  1. In My Time Of Need (alt. demo version)
  1. Bar Lights
  2. Win
  3. Comfortable Only At Night
  4. Out Of Time
  5. Sit And Listen To The Rain
  1. Night Lights
  2. Probably Gonna Happen
  3. West NY Serenade
  4. Lil' Girls
  5. In The World
  6. Medicine
  1. Today
  2. Clearly Destroyed
  3. Breathe
  4. Fool
Download - Whiskeytown - F*cker Demo's
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Ryan Adams "Orion" Metal Project Gets Artwork, Rough Time Fram (again)

Via TwentyFourBit:

Remember that so-called “legit metal record,” ORION, which Ryan Adams announced and previewed back in March? We have a few updates (via his FB page): Despite his apology “for the sheer metalness of ‘Electro-Snake’,” Adams is backtracking on the label: “I am not saying it’s ‘metal’ anymore - just really really fast country with screaming and crap.” And we believe him, but that said, the newly-unveiled “bio-robotic-spider” artwork sure looks like a metal album and was, in fact, created by a real live heavy metal drummer.

Percussionist/drummer Michel Langevin, aka “Away” of Voivod (which also features ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted) designed the intense gold, District 9-esque foldout shown above. Adams also teased us with an indecipherable photo containing the full tracklist. (My image manipulation software dates back to the Clinton administration, so perhaps someone else can focus those song titles!)
Finally, we have an ETA for this beast: “about two weeks.”
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Possible Ryan Adams?!?!?!

Thanks Chris!


Ryan Adams super-fans have been following him on his Internet adventures for quite some time now, so it’s been interesting to see him jump to Facebook over the last few months as his main source of communication. Ol’ DRA has been dropping some serious hints on his official page lately — about a new album, an old album and even a possible tour as he gets his bearings back after taking time off due to tinnitus and Ménière’s disease. (And marriage. And book-writing. And art shows.)
"New songs in the morning at one studio and Finishing old tunes in another in the evening! Trying to get it all together. Fingers crossed. Who Knows, Maybe I’ll even have to dust off the bat signal this fall…"
Given that Ryan has (finally!) been releasing new material lately, including the upcoming “metal” album, Orion, through his own Pax-Am label and seems to be done with Lost Highway and the major label system, one can only hope this means our hero might actually, honestly, be working on the mythical box set we’ve been waiting for since 2004 or so. Not that I’d mind new jams, either! Speaking of which: here’s “Electrosnake,” the first single from Orion.
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Ryan Adams - Orion - Electrosnake

From Ryan's "most legit METAL record."

Download - Ryan Adams - Orion - Electrosnake
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